The Canada MMP project - want to contribute?

I'm working on developing a "portfolio project" right now, where I can show off some of my React/Redux front-end skills, my API/Database skills, etc.

And since I'm planning on heading to Canada anyway - I thought, what would be better than a site explaining how the new electoral reforms proposed by the Canadian government would result in a better, more representative democracy?

The github repo is up at, and I'm hoping that if you're interested, you'll join in and contribute to the source.

The idea will be that people can go to the site, choose their riding (like a Congressional District, but much more Maple), and see if their vote was statistically wasted.

Then they can move on and see (based on the 2015 election data), how a MMP election would result in a different parliament makeup than the current, "first past the post" system. They can even adjust sliders to adjust the percentage of votes each party gets and watch the statistical models update in as close to real-time as I can make it. (And they can see how erratic FPP elections are compared to MMP elections.)

The reason I'm doing this portfolio project is because, to tell you the truth, I've done some really good code that I'm proud of at work - but since it's all proprietary, I can't really share it on my Github. Most of the stuff on my Github is student work and half-attempted projects in new languages like Python and Java. I really want to do something super-solid that I can show off to employers in the future, using TDD development, functional programming techniques, etc, so that not only can they see that I can code, but also that they can see that I code in a way that is testable, maintainable, and works well in teams.

Or - if I don't actually code as well as I think I do, they can point that out to me. We'll see.

I'm also working on another project for @lessig, but since I can reuse a hell of a lot of code in the Canada MMP project for it, I think it's best to focus on this one first.

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