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So, I'm out looking for work, applying to jobs, going to interviews, taking on coding challenges. One interesting one was actually given to me by a small boutique development firm here in Austin -- I feel pretty good about it. It turns out that the same challenge was taken by a lot of MS grads, but I'm pretty confident in my solution, so we'll see. At the very least, as soon as I get the go-ahead, I'll add it to my projects page.

It's using Cordova and Ionic. Cordova's a tool to create native Android and iOS apps from javascript-based web apps, while Ionic is a "mobile-first" (or, perhaps, mobile-only?) theme designed specifically for web app design.

I've been thinking about what to work on next while I apply for jobs. To keep the coding momentum going. I'm thinking about taking on the coding of a FlappyBird clone, for two reasons - first, the project tutorial has me working with Java, and multilingual capabilities are important. Second, it deals with graphic and sprite manipulation, something I haven't dealt with yet.

Now that doesn't mean I've given up on improving Digiquiz and AmiGo -- but I'm not sure about Digiquiz. Part of me wants to add features. Other parts of me think that we're not too far along in the project that we can't go back and start from scratch and repair some of the technical debt: using Flux/ReFlux stores, or possibly moving the entire thing to Ember (everyone who uses it that I've met raves about it) or Angular. Maybe the two-way data binding was the way to go here. I'll have to discuss it with Juan and Peter.

Headed to Refresh Austin last night, met some cool people and shared some ideas, (even though the social thing isn't my forte) it was great to get out with other people and talking code. We'll see what happens.

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