Brian Boyko

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Technical Skills:
  • Strong: Javascript Front-End, Node.js, NoSQL/SQL DBs & ORMs, Git, React, Redux, REST, jQuery, HTML/CSS Responsive Design, Responsive Frameworks (Materialize, Bootstrap), 3rd Party API integration(Stripe/Google Maps/Atlassian, etc.)
  • Experienced: Angular, Express, D3, OAuth/Passport, Websockets, Bundlers/Webpack et. al., Iconic, Cordova, Gulp/Grunt, Atlassian/Jira, BASH Scripting, Python 3, Java 8

Relevant Experience:
Cycorp - Full Stack Engineer

12/2015 - 6/2016

  • Add features to React-based interface to be used in 3D edutainment game “MathCraft,” (via Coherent UI for Unity)
  • Proposed, architected, and solely developed refactor of MathCraft interface which has enabled the following:
    • Reduced avg. time to fix bugs from days to hours with “instant replay” function replicating user experience.
    • Bug reporting, either on demand (one-click) or on failure, which creates a Jira issue & logs debug data to MongoDB.
    • Created tool for debugging developers to replay the application state exactly as the user experienced it.
    • Front-end issues can be linked to back-end issues via unique hash marker that is searchable in Mongo, Jira, and Splunk.
    • Created custom reusable compartmentalized code and components for use in other Cycorp programs.
    • Used Material-UI (and it’s library of reusable React Components) to design the UI/UX.
    • Demo video via YouTube
Mayday PAC - Co-Creator/DevTeam Leader

4/2014 - 9/2014

  • Mayday PAC raised $250k in 24 hrs, and $11M in 3 mo. -- (The largest crowdfunded non-profit endeavor to date.)
  • Led team of volunteers in refactoring to handle unanticipated demand, eliminating outages.
Other Projects
DigiQuiz - 2015 - Product Owner & Full-Stack Engineer

​(Academic - with Peter Do & Juan Sierra)

  • Mission: ​Create SaaS edutainment app for classrooms where students interact live (“buzz-in”) via mobile devices/laptops.
  • Features: ​Simultaneous game sessions, store and retrieve custom game questions, track student progress, & jService.io integration.
Stacks On Stacks - 2015

(Academic team)

  • "Speaker" - Modify fixed-schema DB to allow for custom feedback & D3 visualization.
  • "AmiGo" - ​Design MySQL DB schema, models & controllers w/ routing, and create dashboard for front-end integration tests.
Solo 36 hr. challenge - 2015
  • Trivia MVP - ​Read trivia data from file, real-time communication w/Socket.io, enable multiple devices.

Prior Career (2006 - 2014):

​Marketing Communications / Technical Writing / Marketing Video Production

  • Companies/Clients:​ CacheIQ, SilverStripe, NetQos, ScienceLogic, Packet Design, Paessler AG, LifeSize, et. al. (more details on req.)

  • MakerSquare - Advanced Software Engineering Immersive, Cohort #21, 2015
  • University of Texas - M.A. Journalism (Fellowship Recipient), 2005
  • NJIT and Rutgers University (Jointly Conferred) - B.A. History, 2003

Personal Achievements: