Video Productions

What Really Happens in the CEO's Ops Meeting

Client: Khorus

Video to promote client’s e-book on running an effective ops meeting.

Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Directing, Editing, Special Effects.

Windows 8: The Animated Evaluation

Animated review of Windows 8’s UI/UX, which earned 610k+ views, and 12k+ likes on YouTube.

Adam Savage & ArcAttack - Back In Black

Adam Savage dancing in a Faraday cage dancing to music generated by Tesla Coils.

Steve Wozniak for Mayday.US

Client: Mayday PAC

Steve Wozniak, co-found of Apple, endorses Mayday.US, the citizen-funded, kick-started SuperPAC to end all SuperPACs. In this video he explains how, in order to preserve Internet freedom, we have to fight against corruption at it’s root - the way that politicians are forced to raise money from wealthy, elite, funders.

The animation was based on a voice recording from Steve Wozniak.