Okay, yes, I'm crazy. At home I'm moving my production system from Linux to Windows.

Trust me when I say that Linux is better for developers overall. But the truth is, I really like having access to Photoshop, I don't want to pay a premium for a Mac. I might get a Mac laptop in the future, but that's more because they don't really weigh much, and I'm tired of lugging around my beast of a machine.

But it's also because, quite frankly, I'm now smart enough as a developer to be able to configure Windows to be a good desktop development environment. I used Linux for development before because unlike Windows, development tools are part of the package with Linux. Macs only require one development tool, Xcode, to really become full-featured.

Configuring windows for development isn't easy. You pretty much have to start with the basics - even getting a decent console (I use ConsoleZ) is a concious choice. Additionally, Windows has terrible package management compared to Linux. But 99% of my packages are from NPM anyway, so who cares?

And there's advantages to not having to deal with driver issues, not having to deal with configuration issues, and if you're interested in game programming (even just as a hobby), Windows is the place to be.

No more dual booting. No more virtual machines. Sure, you could do this with a Mac, and if you're in the market to buy a computer, you should probably go that route, but yes, Virginia, Windows can be used to run software. And if you really need a Linux environment? That's what VirtualBox and Vagrant are for.

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